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PTCS is a high impact, forward thinking and trusted partner of Payer industry leaders, helping them address government mandated industry transformations and traditional business imperatives associated with cost, quality, risk management and speed to market by delivering a range of highly differentiated, asset powered services including advice, development, and operations.

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Healthcare Technology Services


Network approaches modeling and negotiations with a range of payer networks, keeping the needs of the pharmacy in mind. Additionally, affiliation with this large-scale network helps pharmacies stay profitable while maintaining access and continuing to provide care to patients.


Health information exchange (HIE) is the mobilization of health care information electronically across organizations within a region, community or hospital system. In practice the term HIE may also refer to the organization that facilitates the exchange.

What's most exciting about HIEs is that they're generally the beginning of exciting initiatives to follow, as more advanced use cases such as care coordination, population health management, and more, are hinged on a solid HIE implementation.


An increasing number of the patient population is growing in complexity and diversity, falling within the category of those with one or more chronic conditions. With 1% of the population consuming over 20% of healthcare system resources, healthcare systems are facing the challenge of caring for high-cost patient groups and conditions, while reducing costs and increasing efficiency.

With our combination of clinical and technology expertise we can help you create population health management solutions that provide both clinical insights for entire patient populations, as well as organizational insights to help you operationalize scalable, efficient, patient-centric systems of care.


We also offers its pharmacies expert guidance based on a comprehensive understanding of the pharmacy business. From education and training to personalized customer service programs, advisors help pharmacists focus on engaging patients and building healthier communities.

Personal Health Records (PHRs) are applications used by patients to maintain and manage their health information securely. Depending on the PHR, in addition to what's contributed by the patient him or herself, data can come from a variety of external contributors, including health care professionals, health plans, and even employers. And, PHRs need not only support the patient's ability to view and manage their own personal health information, but also allow the patient to share that information with external, trusted information systems; such functionality is defined by "Meaningful Use" as View, Download, and Transmit (VDT).


Payers must be assured of clinical and economic value in addition to the product’s safety and efficacy.

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