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Strategic Consulting

Two things are extremely important to analyze the progress of any organization:

  • Are you asking the right questions?
  • Are you giving the right answers?

PTS provides Strategy Consulting which includes shaping the thought process of the leaders, increasing the productivity of employees, and the most obvious deep study and understanding of your industry.

We treat our customers like patients (and we are the doctors). We first check your business pulse, check for any area which isn’t functioning properly, give a deep insight about the industry dynamics so that you can take care of your company’s health accordingly.

PTS believes in working with your organization internally as well as externally.

Internal Strategy

  • Working with your Executive team
  • Collection of data and inputs within the organization
  • Focus on Employee productivity
  • Training and Events

External Strategy

  • Conducting research to provide credible options and choices
  • Competitor Analysis and how to outperform Competitors
  • Measuring Impact of actions taken
  • Scenario and Sensitivity Analysis

We stand by your organization during implementation of every step, from start till the end. This includes actualizing initial solutions, demonstration of strategic advice, and further strategy based on feedback from the market.

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